Exclusive Books HomeBru is back!

As I lamented the other day, it is no longer enough to simply 'support' the South African literature industry. We need to believe in it and, most importantly, really put our money behind it. Lately I have been so impressed by the depth and quality of the local literature selection at Exclusive Books, and see it as a sign that our country's leading bookseller is making a concerted effort in helping their customers discover fresh, local talent. 

For the past couple of years, the HomeBru campaign has been the last word in the hottest South African reads. HomeBru books promise to be fun, insightful and a diverse reflection on what it means to be South African today. The books include fiction, non-fiction, cookery and children’s books and are showcased in Exclusive Books stores nationwide. Any SA writer will tell you that this exposure is thrilling and a massive honour. 

The books and authors represent a highly engaging slice of current South African writing and life, from thrilling speculative fiction (Fred Strydom’s The Inside-Out Man) to on-the-money political analysis (Pieter-Louis Myburgh’s The Republic of Gupta) to bright and captivating cookery and children’s books (Khanyisa Malabi’s Legacy of Living and Sparkles of Taste and Carol-Ann Davids’ The Hair Fair). My personal favourite is Pamela Power's Delilah Now Trending, not because she is a friend of mine, but because it is the kind of light, satirical read that shows that South African readers don't need to look abroad for great commercial fiction. 

That being said, I can't wait to read more titles on the list and be introduced to a few new favourites! You can browse 2017 Homebru selection at Exclusive Books here: 

Over twenty events will be held around the country to support the Exclusive Books Homebru campaign. See the full events list here