Great thrillers for under $2

One of my favourite things to do is cruise Amazon for new books. While I read quite widely, I always gravitate towards thrillers when I need instant, guaranteed entertainment. The thriller doesn't have to be the next big thing, it just needs to have a plot that pulls me forward. Lately I have been spotting some fantastic thrillers on Amazon, and choked on my tea when I saw how cheap they were! So I thought I would share the love, and a few of my favourites. 

*Disclaimer...depending on when you read this the prices may have changed. I bought these books in July and August 2017. 

 The Girlfriend ($1.47)  

The Girlfriend is a creepy, unsettling 'love triangle' between a mother, her son and the new girlfriend that wants to steal the mother's life. The villain seems clear, until someone else tells an unforgivable lie that turns the whole story on its head. It's a fast burner - highly addictive and perfect for a night in or a long flight. 

He Said /She Said ($1.22) 

I felt really excited about this premise. A young couple attend an eclipse-chasing festival, and walk in on a sexual assault taking place. Their well-intentioned support of the victim takes a dark turn as the crime exposes a dark, desperate side to all of them. Overall, this book is a fantastic thriller, although, as a South African pretty used to crime, I found it hard to believe that the central crime would generate SO much interest and media attention. But maybe I'm just jaded. 

The Girl Before ($1.21) 

I promised to never buy a book with 'Girl' in the title again, but I found the premise of this one too fascinating to ignore. Jane, a young woman recovering from a stillbirth moves into a spectacular smarthome in London. The rent is too good to be true, but there is one condition: she has to abide by a series of strict, minimalist rules and have her eating and exercise habits tracked by the 'housekeeper.' Then there is the mystery of the girl who lived in the flat before her, and the truth behind her mysterious death. This is a fun, fast-paced thriller for the data-driven age we live in, which is never heavy-handed in its use of technology to tell the story. 

Let me know if you have found any great, affordable reads on Amazon. I'm loading up my Kindle for a few months of non-stop baby feeding!