Bookish Links 7 October

Happy Wednesday! Every week around this time you'll find a collection of some of my favourite bookish reads off the web. So minimise that spreadsheet, make a cup of tea and enjoy! 

Have you signed up for Lena Dunham's newsletter yet? I've read the first two and it's fantastic, real, raw reading. What I find really interesting is that the newsletter is Lena's reaction to the hate she encounters online. This article thinks that newsletters have become the new safe space for women on the internet. 

Speaking of safe spaces, can the internet help you take care of yourself? The Atlantic thinks so...

Jenny Lawson's latest hilarious novel, 'Furiously Happy,' she turns her irreverent wit to her own battle with depression. Expect laugh-out-loud guffaws intermingled with unexpected sorrow. She talks all about it in this interview

Another wonderful author, Siri Hustvedt, has written an autobiographical novel on her battle with a curious neurological disorder. Through extensive research, she explores the irrefutable link between the body and the mind. In this article, Hilary Mantel calls it 'a moving examination on what it means to be human.' 

These illustrations by The Latest Kate are beautiful, simple daily affirmations. My favourite is the unicorn. 

Finally, a list of the greatest fictional style icons of all time, selected by some of the world's top designers. Who would you pick?